Sustainable finance
for everyone

Technology that enables access is just one side of the financial inclusion coin.
The other is securing and guiding the flow of capital to where it’s needed most.

Jumo world the oppportunity co

Massive Impact Potential

JUMO launched The Opportunity Company (or TOC) to funnel more funds into equitable financial services ecosystems from the bottom up.
an African community of entrepreneurs connected to the world of finance

Systemic change for good

The Opportunity Company is a social impact initiative that leverages JUMO’s proven technology platform, as well as its products and predictive analytics capabilities, to deliver competitive banking products to underserved markets.

Jumo world theory of change for businesses in Africa

Our theory of change

If people with low incomes in emerging markets can receive access to competitive digital credit & savings products, their household resilience will improve, which in turn will allow them to build micro and small businesses, and improve their personal and community resilience.

Jumo world companies making a difference in Africa

Making a difference

80% of customers say access to a loan has improved their quality of life. We believe that this impact should be sustainable while adding real value and choice for people to empower themselves – and in that protecting customers.

jumo supporting entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs

According to our data, more than 50% of micro and small business customers employ at least one other person. Access to financial services strengthens their ability to positively contribute to their communities.

Jumo world commitment to SDG sustainable development goals

Commitment to SDGs

Access to finance is essential to realising a number of global Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to eradicate poverty, especially for low income groups, women, micro-entrepreneurs and agri-business participation in emerging markets.

Principles & Mandate

The Opportunity Company is a social impact catalyst supporting financial inclusion in Africa through JUMO’s banking platform. Positive returns ensure the pool of funds is constantly growing and being recycled for maximum reach and impact.

About the opportunity

The investment explained

TOC capital goes where others won’t to drive impact & financial inclusion.
an African man with cattle using a mobile phone background is community jumo world bring change to include communities who have been financially excluded.

Systemic change for good

TOC’s aim is to provide a firm foundation for sustained access to capital for all newcomers to the financial system, and to ensure continued access throughout the financial inclusion journey.

TOC’s mission is to support systemic change in the delivery of financial services by providing funding that is efficient, reliable, high quality, low cost and large scale for the safe empowerment of communities and small businesses in emerging markets.

Every month we turn away millions of customers due to limitations on the capital we have.

An investment in TOC could help in excess of 6 million people receive access to finance for the first time from the first year of investment.

a young woman in African running a sewing business, Jumo world impact on small African businesses without access to finance

Our Theory Of Change


  • Information technology advances have removed the barriers to sustainably serving 100% of the adult population with competitive credit & savings choices (proven).
  • Lower prices in the hands of the consumer results in greater sustainability for both borrowers & lenders (proven).
  • Borrowers progress from using loans for immediate household needs, to business investment (proven).
  • Investment in business will result in more resilient and profitable MSMEs (not proven).
  • Business investment increases economic participation
    and fuels growth in the markets we serve (proven).
  • Improved household financial resilience will result in
    greater investment in education (not proven).
  • Improved economic resilience results in greater ability
    for banks to serve people within sustainable risk parameters (proven).
  • People having access to the best banking brands increases self-worth and drives positive behaviour (proven).


jumo making a difference in africa. loans for african business owners

Making a difference

During the foundation phase of trialling the use of TOC funds on JUMO’s banking platform, various use cases were tested for performance.

Eligibility funding

TOC funds provided for roughly one third of first time loan users, up to their fifth loan, in the early stages of scaling the JUMO platform. TOC capital also facilitated the onboarding of 40% of customers in the various portfolios the vehicle supported, exponentially increasing the number of financially included individuals in Africa.

TOC remains an important funding source for early loan users on JUMO’s platform, as they sustainably progress to bigger and more frequent loan use, and learn how to use financial products responsibly. To date, TOC has achieved a positive return from early loan book funding.

New product funding

TOC successfully funded testing for an installment loan product, which allowed customers to repay their loans in two installments. This enabled JUMO to trial a different credit product, enhancing a customer’s experience with repayment flexibility, which improved credit behaviour. The success of the TOC test funding has lead to the launch of a permanent installment product in Zambia, to be followed by further launches in other markets.

Step in capital

During the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, many of JUMO’s banking partners requested a reduction in their commercial activities on the platform to limit their exposure. TOC funding ensured there was no disruption in access to financial products for customers at this time. The portfolios remained stable and TOC’s step in funding meant customers could access loans to help weather the storm. Although collections performance was initially weaker than typically observed, performance post the pandemic recovered to levels previously observed and greater.
finance for african entrepreneurs. loans for entrepreneurs in africa

Supporting entrepreneurs

Financial access facilitates day-to-day living, and helps families and businesses plan for everything from long-term goals to unexpected emergencies.

Offering customers choices that they otherwise would not have, means empowering them to make important decisions.

With access to financial services, people are more likely to be able to start and expand businesses, invest in education or health, manage risk, and weather financial shocks, which can improve the overall quality of their lives.

TOC funding currently supports 9 loan products in 4 markets with repayment terms from 7-180 days.

jumo worlld sustainable development goals

Commitment to SDGs

While the financial products TOC backs on the JUMO platform  are agnostic, post loan surveys show results which support the achievement of the SDGs.

SDG #1 – No Poverty

19% of JUMO customers overall are those living under the poverty line (living on less than $2 a day). In some countries this percentage is over 30%.

SDG #4 – Quality Education

According to JUMO’s annual survey for loan usage, 15% of customers used their loan for education purposes, such as school fees.

SDG #5 – Gender Equality

30% of loans disbursed on JUMO’s platform are taken by women. In some countries this goes above 40%.

SDG #8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth

65% of customers using the JUMO platform are MSMEs and 29% use their loans to directly support and grow their businesses.

SDG #10 – Reduced Inequalities

Financial services access in rural markets is traditionally very limited. 33% of loans disbursed on JUMO’s platform go to those living in non-urban areas.
(In some markets this figure goes beyond 60%).

Jumo world principle and mandate

Principles & Mandate

TOC is designed to advance financial inclusion, as quickly as possible by driving impact and delivering financial products to people others won’t or can’t lend to.

TOC funding goes to places other institutions won’t. We believe that thin file customers (those without credit history and profile) could be as good as advanced credit users.

TOC capital is used to:

  • Fund multiple territories and currencies in emerging markets.
  • Drive eligibility and access to finance by funding new business or early loan users on JUMO’s platform.
  • Create stability for continued financial inclusion and prosperity in more mature loan portfolios.
  • Test the funding of new products for an enhanced experience, diversity of choice and empowerment for customers.