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Making saving a habit that’s both easy and rewarding

Stories from JUMO - making saving a habit

Jacqueline is a busy mother of seven who recently went into poultry farming. 

Jacqui’s  typical day starts really early with getting the kids ready for school. After the school run she switches to looking after her chickens. She buys vaccines to keep them healthy and works out how much feed she needs to have available at different times, such as during conception.

She’s tried to save money for business emergencies a few times, but it never really worked out. “I just wasn’t disciplined for some reason,” she says, “but one day when I was going through my mobile money app, KASAKA savings caught my eye.” It was the ease of use and convenience that she found most interesting. “Now I’m motivated to save, because I have the option to save on my phone wherever I am. No excuses,” explains Jacqueline.

As a business person, Jacqueline doesn’t have time to sit at the bank and queue for long periods of time. Having an interest-bearing savings account linked to her mobile money app has helped her save up to cover business shortfalls. When she needs to, she can access her savings and move money around. 

KASAKA savings is operated by JUMO and has been built in partnership with Absa and MTN for the people of Zambia.