11 April 2019, Cape Town

JUMO wins the Customer Alignment Award at LendIt Fintech 2019

JUMO, a financial technology platform connecting underserved customers in Africa and Asia to financial services, has won the LendIt Fintech 2019 Customer Alignment Award. The award recognises a company that has demonstrated strong alignment with their customers so that in all circumstances they win only when their customers win.

JUMO’s founder and CEO Andrew Watkins-Ball said, “We’re committed to delivering value for customers. Customer-centricity is deeply embedded in the culture, decisions and processes at JUMO. This award holds special meaning for us because enabling our customers and partners is at the core of our mission.”

Buhle Goslar, JUMO’s Chief Customer Officer, added, “At the heart of what we do is a belief in our customers’ potential to attain financial health and build wealth, when given the right financial tools. We’re passionate about helping them realise their financial goals, using technology and data to provide access to digital financial services previously unavailable to them. Our work has a direct impact on customers’ daily lives, empowering them to build and grow their businesses, make essential purchasing decisions, and pay for healthcare, education and emergencies.

The LendIt Fintech Customer Alignment award reaffirms our commitment to customers and we are thrilled to be recognized for winning with them.

Buhle Goslar

JUMO’s strategy to advance financial inclusion involves sophisticated data prediction and credit scoring methods that leapfrog prohibitive operational and risk costs. This enables the company to offer traditionally hard-to-reach customers a range of instant, affordable, high-quality borrowing choices via any mobile phone. Close to 12 million emerging markets customers in Africa and Asia have already saved or borrowed on the JUMO platform. In January JUMO announced that the company had disbursed more than US $1 billion in funds to small businesses and individuals through their platform.

In 2017 JUMO also won The Mastercard Foundation’s third annual Clients at the Centre Prize